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Gaocun Ceramic

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Changzhou Yi Feng Machine Co., Ltd. can be is a CNC deep hole drilling machine, shaft deep hole drilling machine, deep hole drilling machine tube sheet, porous deep hole drilling machines, multi-axis milling deep hole drilling machines, horizontal valve deep hole drilling machines and other machine series development, production, sales and service in one of the manufacturing enterprise.


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Gaocun Ceramic, established in 1958, was originally a workshop-style small factory in a mountainous area producing daily crude potteries; began to develop stoneware and export tableware tremendously since 1980s, became a big foreign exchange earner and profit creator in the ceramic industry of Jiangsu province; and has stood out in the industry ever since 1990s, and been topping China’s ceramic industry in term of composite economic results for more than ten consecutive years. In January 2003, our stocks were listed in Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE), and then we became China ceramic industry’s only enterprise that issues stocks and is listed in the market. The headquarters of Gaocun Ceramic is located in Nanjing Gaocun Economic Development Zone, in China’s economically developed Yangtze River Delta and located at the south of Nanjing – China’s Ancient Capital of Six Dynasties, less than 100km away from China’s largest inland river port of Nanjing Port and 50km away from Nanjing Lukou International Airport. Besides, the Ninggao (Nanjing-Gaocun) highway on the north side of the factory connects Huning (Shanghai-Nanjing) and Nanjing-Hangzhou (Ninghang) highways, so we enjoy rather convenient transportation and obvious regional advantages among China’s ceramic enterprises.

Jiangsu Xingchen High-speed Motor Co., Ltd. is a large-scale high-tech business engaged in the R&D and production of motorized spindles under the common efforts of 35 professional technical personnel. Located in Jingjiang, Jiangsu, our company neighbors Shanghai and Suzhou in the east; connects the ancient city Yangzhou in the north; and looks at each other with Changzhou across the river, enjoying convenient transportation and obvious regional advantages. Besides, we boast a beautiful environment, sophisticated equipment, complete inspection devices and considerate services. We carry out close cooperation with Hunan University, Shanghai Dianji University, Zhejiang University, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, and other well-known colleges and universities. Our company was approved as the research unit of a major scientific and technological project – “high-grade CNC machine tool and basic manufacturing equipment”. The motorized spindle we produce has 11 utility model patents, five invention patents and a design patent. And our major products contain SDS machining center knife locking device series motorized spindles; GDZ and GDS CNC engraving constant torque; SDK CNC engraving constant power motorized spindles; SDM grinding motorized spindles; SZS direct-connection type machining center mechanical spindles and MD series carpentry motor spindles. In the year 2010 alone, we completed the production of 30,000 sets of various motorized spindles. Moreover, we are a director unit of the spindle branch of China Machine Tool Industry Association, Jiangsu High-tech Enterprise, Jiangsu Leading Enterprise in Technological Innovation, Jiangsu Private Technology Enterprise and Jiangsu Contract-honoring & Promise-keeping Enterprise. Our “Senchen” trademark has been granted Taizhou Well-known Trademark.

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