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Nanjing Steam Turbine Motor Group Taixing Ningxing Machinery Co., Ltd.
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Nanjing Steam Turbine Motor Group Taixing Ningxing Machinery Co., Ltd.

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Changzhou Yi Feng Machine Co., Ltd. can be is a CNC deep hole drilling machine, shaft deep hole drilling machine, deep hole drilling machine tube sheet, porous deep hole drilling machines, multi-axis milling deep hole drilling machines, horizontal valve deep hole drilling machines and other machine series development, production, sales and service in one of the manufacturing enterprise.


Nanjing Steam Turbine Motor Group Taixing Ningxing Machinery Co., Ltd.

Purchase model: dhd-2316f (1 set)
Company profile: nanjing steam turbine motor (group) co., ltd. is located at the northern foot of weiwei purple mountain, the beautiful south bank of the Yangtze river, formerly known as nanjing steam turbine electrical machinery factory, founded in January 1956, in November 1995 was changed into a wholly state-owned limited liability company, in October 2004 to ninggang joint venture.
The company covers an area of 425,000 square meters, with more than 2,000 employees on the job, of which 25% are professional and technical personnel. Main production equipment more than 1700 sets, equipped with large CNC floor-type milling and boring machine, CNC sleeper, CNC vertical lathe, CNC rotor slot milling machine and other fine large loose equipment 213 units, and has a gas turbine engine test bed, generators and large motor unit test bed, turbine regulating department sets test station, 100 tons, and 50 tons of high-speed dynamic balancing machine, three coordinates measuring instrument and other large-scale test facilities, has a strong ability of large precision machining and testing of the test; The main products are heavy-duty gas turbine generator sets and gas/steam combined cycle power generation equipment, combined heat and power generation of steam turbine generator sets and wind turbines, large and medium-sized ac motors, power station equipment annual comprehensive production capacity of more than 10 million kilowatts.
Company is a national fixed-point heavy-duty gas turbine manufacturing base, subordinate to the gas turbine institute by the former ministry of machine building gas turbine industry, not only the enterprise engaged in gas turbine product related technical work, and bear the national machinery industrial gas turbine industry technology management functions, is the national gas turbine units standardization technical committee secretariat. Gas turbine company has nearly fifty years production history, in the mid - 1980 - s with the United States GE company established 6 b series gas turbine (40 mw level) production relations of cooperation, the production technology introduced from GE company started in 2004 9 e gas turbine (125 mw) grade, in 2012 and signed 6 fa gas turbine with GE (70 mw level) technology import agreement. Up to now, the company has produced and sold nearly 100 sets of 6B and 9E gas turbines, and most of them have formed highly efficient and energy-saving gas-steam combined cycle power stations. In addition to meeting domestic demand, the products have been exported to southeast Asia, South Asia, Africa, the Middle East and other countries.
Steam turbine products using the world's leading flow technology design and manufacturing, all four dimensional single power 6-330 - mw, condensing, extraction, back pressure type, extraction back pressure type, etc. More than one hundred and sixty varieties, from development to ultra-high pressure, high pressure parameters of the simple loop and the parameters of the subcritical reheat cycle, mainly used in cogeneration and combined cycle power station, and involves the industrial drive, garbage power generation, biomass power generation and steel, metallurgy, chemical industry, cement, glass and other waste heat can be recycled.
Company used for gas turbine and steam turbine generator products, 6-350 mw single power, introduced in the 1980 s British BRUSH air cooling brushless excitation technology, in the digestion, absorption, the introduction of technology and absorbing the advantages after the long, independent research and development QF, QFW QFR, such as multiple series products and TRT blast furnace pressure recovery turbine unit, and fully USES the stator line bar VPI insulation structure and less overall VPI varnished technology, reliable quality, superior performance. The company has a complete range of large and medium-sized ac motors, single machine power 130-5000kw, voltage class 380, 6000, 10000V, and compressor, water pump, fan and cement machinery and other supporting, widely used in mining, iron and steel, petrochemical, cement and water conservancy and other industries.
Companies involved in wind field in 2007, mainly factory production of form a complete set of wind generator stator, after the introduction of Germany VEM mature technology production of 1.5 MW - 2 MW doubly-fed asynchronous wind turbine, in 2010, is located in nanjing jiangning science park of wind power manufacturing base, the production of the current wind turbine annual output of more than 1000 units, with advanced technology, compact structure, safe and reliable lixin market, wind power has become the United States GE company qualified supplier.
The company has passed iso9001-2000 standard quality system, ISO14001 environmental management system, GB/T28001 occupational health and safety management system and national level 1 safety and quality standardization machinery manufacturing enterprise certification, won the national, provincial contract heavy credit advanced enterprise, jiangsu province quality management award. Gas turbine generator set is a famous brand product of jiangsu province.
The company always adheres to the concept of "customer first, service permanent, green energy, harmonious development", advocates the spirit of "integrity, innovation, harmony, win-win", is willing to wholeheartedly provide customers at home and abroad with quality products and satisfactory services, welcome new and old friends at home and abroad to work together to create a better future!

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