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Ruisheng Precision Co., Ltd.
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Ruisheng Precision Co., Ltd.

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Changzhou Yi Feng Machine Co., Ltd. can be is a CNC deep hole drilling machine, shaft deep hole drilling machine, deep hole drilling machine tube sheet, porous deep hole drilling machines, multi-axis milling deep hole drilling machines, horizontal valve deep hole drilling machines and other machine series development, production, sales and service in one of the manufacturing enterprise.


AAC Technologies

Purchase model: dhd-1000 (1 set)
Company profile: Sound learning technology (changzhou) co., LTD. Is a sound learning technology holdings co., LTD, one of the changzhou branch of sound learning technology holdings co., LTD is an international company listed on the Hong Kong stock exchange, is one of the world famous electro-acoustic device manufacturers, is headquartered in shenzhen, the company after nearly 20 years of development, has been in shenzhen, changzhou, suzhou, Shanghai, xiamen, nanjing, Hong Kong, Taiwan and overseas in Los Angeles, Hamburg, Sweden and other countries and regions set up factories. Changzhou changzhou region, a subsidiary of the us and Europe electronics co., LTD., changzhou kaitai machinery manufacturing co., LTD., changzhou rui sound science and technology co., LTD Tairuimei electroplating co., LTD., ruisheng photoelectric technology (changzhou) co., LTD., and other subsidiaries.
The company is one of the leading manufacturers specializing in the design and production of microacoustic devices for mobile phones, PDA machines and other consumer portable devices. The company sold about 243 million microacoustic devices in 2004. Since its inception in 1993, the number of our customers and product categories have increased. The company's products are used by MOTOROLA, Nokia, sony-ericsson, Kyocera, Apple, nintendo and other major mobile phone and consumer electronics OEM companies around the world. The company provides a wide range of acoustic products, including microphones, multifunctional speakers, audio signal tuners, ECM microphones, headphones and acoustic devices.

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