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Construction Machinery accelerate overseas expansion


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Construction Machinery accelerate overseas expansion

(Summary description)BytheendofAugust,thedomesticconstructionmachinerylistedcompanieshavereleasedsemi-annualreport,together,thedeclineisstillthemaintheme,themajorityofenterprisesoperatingincomeandnetincomebothfell,individ

Construction Machinery accelerate overseas expansion

(Summary description)BytheendofAugust,thedomesticconstructionmachinerylistedcompanieshavereleasedsemi-annualreport,together,thedeclineisstillthemaintheme,themajorityofenterprisesoperatingincomeandnetincomebothfell,individ

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By the end of August, the domestic construction machinery listed companies have released semi-annual report, together, the decline is still the main theme, the majority of enterprises operating income and net income both fell, individual or even a large margin, but also no shortage of semi-annual report highlights, such as near years has had excellent performance of overseas operations also did not let us down this time, the data show that in the first six months, construction machinery exports amounted to $ 6.142 billion, an increase of 1.76%.

Construction Machinery accelerate overseas expansion during the first half 2014 major construction machinery overseas listed companies to open up the situation: Sany, international business remained stable, which in the Middle East, North Africa, India, Latin America and other regions to achieve rapid growth. The company achieved sales revenue of 5.44 billion yuan in the first half internationally, about the companys total operating revenue (19.72 billion) of 27.6%. Zoomlion, continue to implement overseas focused strategy, promoting bases overseas in Russia, India and other countries; accelerate heavy, hot countries and regions, allocation of resources, deep market, the Americas, Middle East (including Saudi Arabia) to achieve revenue an increase of over 100%. Xugong, the first half of a host of overseas revenue continued among the forefront of the domestic industry, especially in Brazil, Australia, Russia, the Middle East, Central Asia and other major market share in developing countries continued to occupy the top three global industry; at the same time, the developed countries are also expanding layout accelerate, as in North America stepped up sales network layout and a host of small quantities of products to achieve a breakthrough to enter. In addition, the first half of XCMG also focused on a number of major global projects seize Nicaragua Canal. Liugong 40 forestry-type equipment exports departure ceremony Liugong, overseas business and sustainable development. The company focuses on overseas products, key markets and key distributors investment of resources, ongoing construction and training of global marketing outlets, but also enhance Poland, India and overseas production bases operational efficiency. The company exports leapt roller industry first, loaders, excavators, graders exports remain the top three industries. Hill pushed shares in the first half of overseas operating income reached 963 million yuan, the company has established a number of subsidiaries and offices in foreign countries, more than 80 authorized overseas agents, established a relatively sound domestic and international sales network. Xiamen Engineering shares in the first half of the new Saudi Arabia, Australia, Angola dealers 3, the European subsidiary of the new channel 5; the completion of the fifth batch of home accessories in overseas libraries, solid service infrastructure; some overseas subsidiaries diversified pilot management, promote business development. First-half revenues of $ 393 million overseas, compared to nearly forty percent decline in the domestic market, overseas 2.37% of the decline was almost negligible. Clear from a few years ago, though not like that, "wind and water", but compared to the domestic market, "repeatedly rebuffed", engineering machinery enterprises in overseas still regarded as "rosy all the way." We can say that the domestic construction machinery giants of the pace of internationalization is steadily forward. Moving need to take precautions to avoid the risk of internationalization From another perspective, though the first half of construction machinery export news of success, but the road was not a smooth road, the process is no shortage of "evil reefs and shoals." In addition, a series of related measures by countries to protect their own machinery manufacturing industries have taken, in the long run will also Chinese construction machinery enterprises to develop overseas cause considerable distress. China Construction Machinery Business editor that in recent years, in order to better explore overseas markets, the domestic construction machinery enterprises have increased investment by investing in local factories, seeking to localize development. This year in July, because "Gao Ying Obama", the Group invested US wind power projects once again raised concerns boom, which caused more people to ponder a series of overseas investments. China Economic and Trade Promotion Association vice president Wang Wenli Speaking of Chinese enterprises overseas investment had said that "in general, is unsuccessful, there are more than 20,000 Chinese enterprises to invest overseas, more than 90% is a loss." Wang Wenli think unsuccessful mainly because of cultural, political, legal and other aspects of the contradictions and conflicts, which he summed up the five "trap": the core technology trap, Chinese enterprises to invest overseas, get the core technology; assets trap, how to assess the value of M & A corporate debt is a big problem, in general, all of a sudden is difficult to see the companys value and economic status; labor trap, administrative means of foreign trade unions, service functions and a completely different country, how to deal with a problem; antitrust and state economic security; taxation, environmental protection, public relations and other issues. In addition, the industry pointed out how Chinese enterprises to invest and do adapt to the international rules of use can make good use of the rules to make the rules as I used to also become an important issue. Xiao Bian noted that many obstacles encountered on the international journey, the more popular the current political factors, such as antitrust and national economic security and other issues. Urgent cause for concern, due to the domestic industry manufacturers some products "similar" high-tech and low on the local traditional industries impacted, thus causing some countries to increase the use of certification, improve technology fortress, regulating tariffs and other means import restrictions on Chinese products. For example, in July this year, two bulldozers domestic manufacturing companies have announced, suggesting that the risk of anti-dumping investigations from overseas markets. The event originated in the Eurasian Economic Commission for Protection Division of the Internal Market should Chelyabinsk tractor plant applications, the origin of the decision to export to Russia and Kazakhstan Customs Union countries White starts anti-dumping investigation on Chinese 250 hp crawler bulldozer. If the investigation finds true once, the series will impose a certain level of anti-dumping duties, and therefore bound to affect Chinese exports to the region bulldozer. In addition, more and more countries to foster and support the domestic manufacturing industry, unveiled a series of measures to restrict imports. Before July of this year, Russian Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade Ministry Sergei Sarkozy announced cloth, Russia plans to import in 2020 will depend on the extent of the production equipment and machinery from 90% to 50% -60%; the Vietnamese government and enterprises Yiyu accelerate technological innovation, in order to gradually get rid of dependence on Chinese imports of machinery. Chinese construction machinery enterprises to seize the Russian market 21-sun editor learned through CTT exhibition, currently the Vietnamese industry is still in its infancy, more than 90 percent of machinery and equipment need to rely on foreign imports, while China products with a huge price advantage in Vietnam occupies most market; Russia is also an important export market for Chinese construction machinery and equipment, in 2013, total construction machinery products China exports to Russia reached $ 1.107 billion, more importantly, with the rapid development of the Russian economy, infrastructure projects continue to increase future demand for its construction equipment will continue to increase. It can be expected in the future with the gradual strengthening of the two countries from restrictions on imports of machinery, the Chinese construction machinery enterprises will be adversely affected by market development in the country, therefore, relevant enterprises should take precautions to prepare early. In summary, although in recent years, Chinas construction machinery enterprises to go overseas pace is accelerating, but also followed a series of obstacle. Overseas market is definitely not a port of refuge, only to realize its real power, in order to smoothly farther and farther on the international road!

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