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Pre-sales services

Contact and communication: communicate with customers to understand customer needs  Seriously treat each and every customer; all is considered from the customer's point of view; solve customer problems, communicate with them in a timely manner, understand customer's production needs. You can consult us online, call us at 400-015-2218, email to or leave us a message online to tell us your needs. We will reply you at fastest speed possible and with the best service.

Scheme exchange: we provide the most reasonable purchase schemes starting from the customer point of view
After having fully understood customer need in terms of production capacity and investment cost estimation, our business team will analyze such information, and develop optimal production solutions according to customer's specific circumstances and create the most appropriate and economical production equipment to ensure profit maximization.

In-sales services

Production tracking: follow up production at any time to strictly ensure product quality  We have a global order management system, which can tract the production process at any time; while ensuring product quality, we try to shorten the production cycle, and strictly control the acceptance of products, providing customers with high quality, high efficiency and high quality products in a real sense.

Site inspection: intuitive impression, full understand

The company's business personnel will take you to visit our production site, advanced processing equipment and scientific assembly process, allowing you to have a more intuitive impression on our scale and production environment. At the same time, we can escort you to visit the production sites of some of our customers to, so that you can more clearly understand the actual usage of the machine.

After-sales service

Installation and commissioning: one-stop service, all-process guidance We assign dedicated service personnel to reach the scene to guide the installation and commissioning free of charge, until the tasks are successfully completed; we also offer free training for operators until customer can operate the machine independently.

Regular visits: closely follow up the machine operating conditions to solve the problem at the first time After the device is put into operation, we will occasionally revisit customers, to understand the operational conditions of the equipment, the production capacity, the consumables usage and customer problems at such a stage, and solve the problems at the earliest time possible and provide more technical guidance. In some cases, we will collate and analyze customer feedback, and send it to the R & D department to optimize the design, fully apply the most advanced technology to production practice, in order to provide customers with better product experience.

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