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Brand: a star brand in the industry, guaranteed by long-term good reputation

Yikefeng has developed many CNC machine tools over the years which are sold throughout the world, being highly proposed by customers. The brand is highly trusted by customers and achieved good reputation in the industry.

Technology: focused on innovative processes and international leading technologies

Yikefeng has been focused on the R&D of deep-hole products over the past decade, while continuously introduced new products. The product categories cover a variety of applications of deep-hole processing, and the company also introduced China's first seven-axis dual-drive twin-screw angle deep-hole drilling machines; the technology has reached the international advanced level.

Quality: professional equipment testing, international certificates

Yikefeng strictly controls the quality of every production process, and uses Renishaw ballbar made in the U.K., balancing instrument in Japan, API laser detector and vibration aging instrument from the United States and other specialized equipment for calibration, the company has also passed the ISO9001, CE and other international certifications.

Services: Care for customer needs; win reputation through service

Yikefeng bases their businesses on customer needs and effectively provide customers with solutions so that the products can create value for customers, the production can be useful for customers and services can meet the needs of customers. We have set up customer service centers across the country. Everything we do is oriented to ensure customers’ experience of use.

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